Debt recovery

We understand the cooperation with our customers as a partnership: For us it is important to integrate you closely into the respective solution processes.


After rendering the service, you will invoice the customer.

Preliminary debt collection

After handing over a debt collection order, we clarify the solvency of the debtor in a first step with the help of our database. Before initiating legal action, we try to persuade the debtor to a friendly settlement.

Legal collection

After unsuccessful pre-judicial debt collection, we initiate the operation without any instructions from you. We take those legal options that seem most effective. If a written procedure in court is necessary, we will prepare the legal documents for you, if the necessary documents are available. If an oral proceeding in court is unavoidable, we will hand over the mandate to correspondent lawyers, who assert the claim in court, with your consent.

Loss Certificates

A loss certificate is valid for 20 years. As long as the loss certificates handed over to us are kept under constant control. We avoid unnecessary costs by not acting against the debtor until it is worthwhile.

Inkasso Küng AG is not obligated to supervise and process the loss certificates for statute-barred actions and assumes no liability in the case of prescription.


As soon as the debtor has paid your entire claim, including costs and default interest, we close the mandate. Within one working week, you will receive your money from us. For pending files you will receive from us, as soon as a transfer is worthwhile, partial deliveries.