Inkasso Küng AG is a company that carries out debt collection procedures for third parties and provides information on behalf of the CRIF AG. It is also open to providing new services that are compatible with traditional ones.

Relationship with our customers

The customer is king for us. With our services in the areas of business information and debt collection, we protect it from credit losses and collect its accounts receivable balances with know-how, tenacity and efficiency. We help our clients with our services in securing their liquidity. The customers of Inkasso Küng AG include numerous companies - SMEs as well as large companies - from a wide range of economic branches.

Relationship with our employees

In order to be one of the leading companies in our fields, we depend on committed and honest employees. We attach great importance to their independence and versatility as well as a good working atmosphere and offer advanced and competitive employment conditions.

Relations with authorities and other institutions

We provide our services in accordance with applicable laws in which we are very knowledgeable and which we always apply in the interests of our clients.

Market position

As a collection agency, Inkasso Küng AG is one of the leading institutions in Switzerland, both qualitatively and quantitatively. We want to maintain and strengthen this position with the quality of our work and with appropriate marketing efforts.

Geographical market

In the collection sector, Inkasso Küng AG acts for creditors from all over Switzerland and abroad. We process debt collection cases against debtors in Switzerland and abroad. Where necessary, we work with local correspondents.


We strive to generate profits that enable us to make investments that will secure the long-term existence of the business and enable healthy growth. In this way we achieve the preservation and expansion of jobs.


Bern, January 2001

Inkasso Küng AG
The Board of Directors