About Us

Inkasso Küng AG is a company rich in tradition, which operates both nationally and internationally in the collection sector as well as in debt and legal advice.

We work for numerous creditors, both SMEs and large corporations and communities from different cantons. Our many years of experience make Inkasso Küng AG a reliable partner. Inkasso Küng AG currently employs between 20 and 30 people (both full-time and part-time), including well-trained, well-trained debt collection officers as well as lawyers and lawyers.

Together, the team speaks more than 10 national languages ​​and is therefore able to act beyond national and linguistic borders.

Our dedicated employees, in their friendly but definite manner, leverage everything to help debt collection customers settle their outstanding debts or to provide them with crucial support through the requested information.

As a classic family business, we offer our customers the greatest possible flexibility and short decision-making paths. We understand the cooperation with our customers in partnership and therefore integrate them closely into the respective solution processes. The management consists of Rémy Küng, business economist FH and his sister, Eveline Küng, lawyer and also chairman of the board. As a member of the VSI (Association of Swiss Debt Collection Institutions) chaired by Mrs Küng, we are subject to strict principles regarding data protection, compliance with legal framework conditions and ethical liabilities.

Inkasso Küng AG also offers training in selected areas of law and also holds lectures on request.

The roots of the company go back over 110 years. Heinz Küng joined the company in the 1960s - the result was heinz küng ag. Since mid-December 2010 we operate under the name Inkasso Küng AG. The Küng family is represented more than ever in the family business.