Legal Advice

We are happy to advise you in the following areas of law:

  • Contract law
    • Employment Law
    • Tenancy
    • Construction Law
    • Contract law
    • Sales law
  • Company law
  • Family and concubinage law

Training and presentations

Inkasso Küng AG offers training in selected areas of law and lectures on request. In this way, you can, for example, train your employees on legal issues. We are happy to discuss costs and possible topics directly with you.

The aim of such events is to create optimal conditions for a smooth workflow. It shows, for example, how best to proceed with defaulting tenants or how an order confirmation should be written. The aim is to successfully claim outstanding receivables and minimize losses on customers.


Do you want to solve difficult situations with the help of a mediator? We will gladly arrange for a competent specialist.

Areas of expertise

Employment Law

When working out a contract of employment, many questions may arise. The extent to which a contract is legally permissible often only becomes apparent in the event of a dispute. To make you safer, we are happy to assist you - in drafting employment contracts, as well as other labor law issues and difficulties.



You rent apartments and / or rent? We help you with questions of tenancy.


Contract and contract law

You have carried out work for third parties and are now waiting in vain for the consideration? In such a case, it is important that you have a written contract. We are happy to assist you in drafting contracts and clarifying legal issues.


Company law

You want to start a company and are unsure which form of company you should choose? We are happy to show you the various options and explain the advantages and disadvantages.

Family and concubinage law

Are you facing a divorce? We help you to do everything necessary. In a mutual divorce we work out the divorce convention for you.


Subscription Legal advice

  • 1 year valid
  • Your advantages:
    • cheaper hourly rate of CHF 99 (excluding VAT)
    • For companies, the employees also benefit from this
    • If collection of the claim is necessary, you can benefit from a discounted collection on demand
  • Debtor collection is carried out by the debt collection department at the applicable or agreed rates
  • Cash expenses as well as collection and court costs are charged additionally

CHF 450 (excluding VAT)


  • Billing of work done according to effort
  • Cash expenses as well as collection and court costs are charged additionally

CHF 170 (excluding VAT)